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Tuberculosis remains one of the ‘Captains of the Men of Death’ even today, particularly in the developing world. Its frequency is increased 14-fold in patients with chronic liver diseases (CLD) and liver cirrhosis, more so in those with decompensated disease, probably due to the cirrhosis-associated immune dysfunction syndrome, and case-fatality rates.

Liver disease epidemiology in sub-Saharan Africa has shifted as a result of HIV and the increased use of antiretroviral therapy leading to a need for updated data on common causes of liver disease. We retrospectively reviewed records from all hospitalized patients who had liver biopsy at a single hospital in South Africa from 2001 to 2009 and compared diagnosis by HIV status.

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causes and effects of tuberculosis. Blog. 17 April 2019. How to use visual storytelling for more masterful marketing.

Case Studies MILIARY TUBERCULOSIS PRESENTING AS FEVER AND JAUNDICE WITH HEPATIC FAILURE YUJIRo ASADA, MD, TOHRU HAYASHI, MD, AKINOBU SUMIYOSHI, MD, MASAHITo ABURAYA, MD, AND EnCHI SHISHIME, MD A 58-year-old male patient with miliary tuberculosis presenting as jaundice and hepatic dysfunction was reported.

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Introduction: The proportion of TB cases among immigrants is gradually increasing in Western European countries, posing a threat to disease elimination in the coming decades. Aim: To evaluate differences in prevalence of drug resistant tuberculosis among native and immigrant patients treated in a respiratory department of a regional general hospital in Northern Greece.

After several years of decreasing incidence, 2013 saw a rise in the number of tuberculosis (TB) cases in Slovakia: 401 TB cases, including 6 fatalities, were reported to the National TB Register. The article explains how this is mostly due to better surveillance, pockets of higher incidence, the vaccination policy and migration, while mentioning the achievements and way forward for Slovakia.

Primary involvement of liver in tuberculosis is a rare entity. It is difficult to diagnose in absence of previous history of tuberculosis or concurrent pulmonary involvement. It is usually misdiagnosed as neoplastic liver lesion, which misdirects the treatment protocol and delays proper treatment. Here we are presenting a case of 36-year-old male patient with vague right upper quadrant.

Tuberculosis (TB) is an old disease presenting with new faces in the advent of more advanced cross-sectional imaging. It typically affects the lungs but can affect other organs of the body (extrapulmonary). During the latter half of the twentieth century, a dramatic decrease in the incidence.